Canberra Valuations

People want the security of knowing that they are dealing with experienced and objective professionals when they are having their property valued by Certified Property Valuation Service provider. That is why Tigran – a Certified Property Valuer – set up Northbourne Valuers. With over 15 years of experience in delivering quality property valuations in Canberra, and Sydney, Northbourne Valuers is a service you can trust.

Northbourne Valuers have a Certified Practising Valuers (CPV) with the Australian Property Institute (API) and have extensive knowledge of the local ACT and NSW property market. Our company offers valuation services for various types of properties such as residential, commercial, industrial, and rural. These valuations can be used for different purposes including pre-purchase/pre-sale, property settlement, family law court, deceased estate/probate, stamp duty, capital gains tax and superannuation fund valuations among others.

Our valuers devote more time and attention to all clients to do what we do best – valuing property. We are local valuers providing valuations across ACT, and NSW for all certified property valuation purposes.

In line with the Northbourne Valuers ethos, we are all about exclusive service with the owner of the company personally managing each valuation performed. We are experienced, energetic, impartial, and unbiased. Hence, our objective is to provide the highest level of client service underpinned by professionalism, years of local experience.

Tigran has recognized that most people choose an experienced individual opposite a large organization, and consequently, as the business owner, he deals directly with all parties: owners, tenants, and investors.

Why choose Northbourne Valuers for Certified property valuation services in Canberra and Surrounds?

  • We will come to you to provide the best Certified property valuation services to meet your needs.

  • We are independent and not aligned to a particular bank or financial institution.

  • We are trustworthy local Canberra valuers who have been conducting property valuations for over 11 years in the Canberra region

  • We are registered property valuers, Certified (CPV), and satisfy the requirements of the Australian Property Institute (API) & Australian Valuers Institute (AVI).

  • We are committed to quality.

  • We will send you a valuation report on the same day as payment is received.

 A licensed valuer from Northbourne Valuers is your best source of an unbiased opinion of property value including:

  • Insurance Valuation ACT
  • DHA / Rental Market Assessment ACT
  • Unit Entitlements ACT
  • Land Value Assessment ACT

This is what you can expect when you order a valuation through Northbourne Valuers:

  • Immediate response to your initial enquiry: We tailor information to the needs of our customers. Just let us know of your situation, and we will provide solutions.
  • Fast turnaround: Normally in a day’s time or less from the date we receive the request, you’ll have PDF report ready to download once payment is received.
  • Report formats that suit your needs: When it comes to valuation and consulting, one size does not fit all. We provide various types of reports in an easy to read format with consumers in mind.
  • Reports we create are clearly written, comprehensible to people outside the real estate industry, and adhere to the Standards of Professional Practice that regulate the valuation process (API & AVI.)
  • If you have any queries you can expect a fast response from us within an hour.