Payment options

At Northbourne Valuers, we recognise that each company and individual have their own unique approach to conducting business, and this is particularly apparent in how you prefer to settle payments for our services. Our commitment is to facilitate a mutually beneficial business relationship, and to honour that commitment, we provide you with a range of payment options to choose from.

When ordering, you can choose any of the following:

  • Check or Money Order – Please ensure that all checks are made payable to our company.
  • COD – Let us know that we can pick up payment when we inspecting your property.
  • Electronic transfer to our StGeorge account (Preferred Payment Method)
  • Credit Card – a convenient payment option, especially when third-parties, such as home owners are involved ( please NOTE an additional surcharge fees, e.g. 1.5% Visa & Master card; 3.30% American Express; 3.773% Diners Club will apply.)
  • BPAY with DEFT (please NOTE an additional surcharge fees will apply.)

In accordance with our company policies and procedures, we request that you pay for our service at your earliest convenience. Following receipt of payment we well release our valuation Report as soon as it is completed by our valuers. Our preferred method of payment is by EFT. Payments by cheque may take a few days to clear.

Whether the report is for a home owner, or just from a client with whom we’ve not done business before, these instances have been known to cause friction and delays in the past. No longer. Our company now accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit card payments for any transaction. You can use this option to pay for single valuation, multiple orders or any of our other services when receive Invoice.

We also can make arrangements to get payment when valuer visit/inspecting the property. We want to make sure we’re doing business in way that makes you comfortable.

If you have any questions about paying for services with a credit card, or any other payment option, please give us a call or contact us via contact form.

We are offering Australian Seniors Card holders a one off discount of 5% (please advise when completing the Request Form).

Terms and conditions apply to all valuation and advisory services that Northbourne Valuers Pty Ltd performs for or provides to its clients.